Intelligent document management for hotels

Hotels generate a large number of customer documents every day, which are confidential and which require safe archiving. The large variety of customer documents include: reservations received from multiple input channels, guest registrations, billing documents, as well as guest evaluations and feedbacks. In addition, each hotel has many suppliers whose invoices require processing, and staff whose tasks must be traceable. Traditionally, the processing and matching of all these input documents, as well as searching through archived documents are very labor-intensive. Conforming to the hotel’s document processing work-flows, our AI-assisted intelligent document processing solution automates the categorization, archiving, and matching of input documents, while building the corresponding database entries. The result: less administrative work-force, more precise document processing, efficient analysis of archived documents. The metadata generated during document processing ensures that archived documents are easily searchable, with all relevant documents retrieved according to the search criteria of interest.

References from the hotel sector: Danubius Hotels